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How do I receive/send funds?

To receive funds, the sender needs your address. Your wallet will automatically generate a new address for each bitcoin transaction you make

Is Bitcoin Secure?

Bitcoin has a strong track record for security and privacy, thanks to its protocol and cryptography. With private keys, individuals’ wallets are kept secure.

Where Can I Spend Bitcoin?

There’s plenty you can do with your bitcoins. Spend them online or in actual stores across a variety of industries – including travel, hospitality/hotels, etc.

What Is The Blockchain?

he blockchain, is a huge, shared public ledger where the entire Bitcoin network is situated. All verified transactions are added to the Blockchain, where everyone can see information pertaining to Bitcoin wallets and verify their balances.

About TradeFada

We provide the most actionable digital currency trading platform.

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Operating from Nigeria - we solve the insistent problem of getting into the crypto market at the right price. We have reduced the unbearable margin between Buying and Selling.

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We keep your funds in the most Secure wallets. We use the most Secure Procedures to keep and move funds; we have Ice Cold storage.

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We have staff with over 15 Years of experience in Digital currency industry. We will deliver the international standard of cryptocurrency Exchange and give you peace of mind.